Mobile Experience of Managing IoT Devices

Berkeley Wifi Key Dashboard Design





Oct. 2022
Web Application
UX Lead: Rachel Hollowgrass
UX research, Heuristic Evaluation, Wireframing, Prototyping

01 Design Background

UC Berkeley is building a new secure network for internet of things(IoT). To help administrators manage multiple devices connected to Berkeley IoT, we designed a Wifi Key dashboard.

Wifi Key Management Dashboard Before Revision

02 Problems

After we accepted this design task, I did a heuristic evaluation in order to find out the disadvantages of the previous wifi access management dashboard. According to the issues we found, we identified three main problems.

03 Design Process

Responsive Tables

I came up with 5 responsive tables for mobile experiece and developed one of them to final design based on thier advantages and using scenarios.

User Workflow

The warning messages inform users that operation may cause potential damage. I add the warning messages at action pages so that users will understand the potential damage caused by changing or deleting devices before they take actions.

Standard & Consistency

Due to the limit liability and time frame, I didn't propose a design system. But I provide the IT team with some suggestions on components' standard and consistency.

04 Result

The new Wifi Key dashboard has been launched in 2023 and strated to help manage over 10,000 devices that are using wireless network, which includes lab equipments, gym facilities, printers, and recreational devices.

05 Reflection

1. Responsive and consistency: from users' standpoints and developers' standpoint, having a design consistency on different size of devices avoid extra efforts in getting used to a different interface and coding up components. Being responsive is also significant since users may use the product in any scenario.

2. Communicating with engineers: there is a huge gap between designers and engineers. We both have our own concerns and terminologies. Communicating with graphics is more efficient. Always keep asking rather than stating my perspectives.